Lent a season for self-reflection

“Lent a season for self reflection”
This Valentine’s Day will start the beginning of the 2018 Lenten Season; the time of year when we take a close look at our own relationship with God. Many people will make personal sacrifices to remind them of the sacrifice Christ made for all of us. For many people it’s giving up something they are particularly fond of: Chocolate, soda, pizza and so forth. But as a Pastor I would like to suggest that we give up something more precious than chocolate, soda or pizza; I would like to suggest that we look at giving up time. Time spent watching television, time on our phones or computers, and then fill those voids with time in scripture, prayer, or silence as we refocus on our relationship with God. Lent would be a wonderful time to get to know God and one of the ways of doing that would be to look at the “I AM” saying so Jesus Christ, God in human form. This year Zion UCC and St. John Lutheran will once again be sharing our Lenten services and the focus will be on Rob Fuguay’s book- “The God We Can Know” exploring the “I AM” sayings of Jesus. You are welcome to join us with a light dinner at 6:00 followed by worship at 7:00 alternating locations between Zion UCC and St. John Lutheran. We will begin at St. John’s on Ash Wednesday with worship at 7:00 including the Imposition of Ashes and Holy Communion. Note: There will not be a light dinner before the Ash Wednesday service. All are welcome. God Blessings to all as we journey into the Lenten Season seeking a closer walk with God. Amen.

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