Who Painted the Picture

As the Fall season approaches we appreciate the cooler days and marvel at the
Harvest Moon. We head for the apple orchards and gather around bon-fires. Hot
apple cider will soon replace ice tea and life continues down an ever changing
road. Among all the changes going on in nature: trees changing colors and losing
their leaves, fields of grain being harvested, geese flying south, and pumpkins and
mums replacing petunias and lilies; the one constant in nature is our Creator God.
His love for us is never changing. Praise God for that! This Fall as you get out to
hike in the forest or drive down country roads to see the changing colors
remember who painted the picture before you and marvel at what he has created
for us to enjoy. Thank him for his unending love and his constant presence in the
world we live in and in the life we live. Build on your relationship with God the
same way you build on your relationship with other people. Spend time with Him.
Tell him of his greatness and praise his holy name. Find contentment in your life
and enjoy the wonders of it all.
Peace and God’s Bless You All;
Pastor David

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