The Challenge of Christmas

The Christmas Season is fast and furious and before you can turn around it is over
for another year. The challenge of Christmas is to keep the light of Christ shining
throughout the New Year. While you are busy taking down the decorations and
putting them away until next year remember to keep God’s more precious gift
close to your heart at all times. It is a gift that is meant to be shared and enjoy all
year long. It is a gift that is sure to bring hope, peace, joy and love into the lives of
those who open their hearts and grant the Christ Child a place to dwell. Our main
goal in the coming New Year is not to get in shape, to lose weight or to save more.
Our main goal must be to make room for the Christ Child in our busy lives so that
we can share the Light of Christ to this often dark and lonely world. When we
allow the Light of Christ to shine in and through us, those that get a glimpse of
that Light will be exposed to the presence of God. So throughout the Season of
Epiphany and the rest of the year let’s become aware and alive with the Spirit of
Christmas and share the love that God offers to all people. May this New Year find
us focused first and foremost on our relationship with Christ our Lord and Savior.
Pastor David

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